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    1. 1. What next big event would you guys want?

      • Cs:Go AWP 3v3 / 2v2 Tournament
      • Rocket League 3v3 / 2v2 Tournament
      • Valorant 3v3 / 2v2 Tournament
      • League of Legends 3v3 / 2v2 Tournament
      • Cs:Go Wingman Tournament

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    • Huge difference between someone saying 'yeah I'd play an SK server' and people actually putting in work, writing future plugins, constantly popping the server etc. If we can't even pop servers we have active staff and players for, how is SK going to last? We even did it as a test and it died within 3 days. You're overlooking what actually goes into running the server and maintaining pop. If we can run the event and make a compromise of pop from the event, maybe it'll be incorporated. I'm sorry, simply saying 'ye SK!' isn't enough to justify starting an entire new server when the rest of our community is struggling. It's not a new venture outside of CS:GO, what tells you that this'll be different? No offense intended by this btw, I understand this is quite blunt but we need real results before we can just implement another server.  
    • I'm not gonna lie there has been at least 15ish different people asking for an SK server, at this point I feel like we should just make a dang SK server
    • If y'all wanna vote in our polls or suggest a specific SK event, awesome. But as it stands, there is simply not a big enough guarantee that there is interest in an SK server that would continue to pop for more than a month or two. Keep getting more people to bother about it or show interest and maybe it'll compel the Directors. 
    • we brought it back for a short while and it ended up dying soon afterwards 
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      Happy Birthday! :PogChamp: #ReviveMG

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      :weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary:HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIXRED FISHY:weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE::weary::POGSLIDE:

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