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    • +rep was a while ago and admitted to his wrongs. hopefully he has matured a little since then, gl
    • +rep mistakes happen
    • Ban is going on 9 months. I'd say thats a pretty long time already. Tbh Im going to be neutral on this matter leaning towards a +rep hoping that you've actually changed for the better. With that being said, If you were to be unbanned and caught banning or just being toxic that could lead towards another banning without a chance at appeal. just a heads up :). I'd also like to see what the the community thinks.  Some context from last appeal below: VvvvV    
    • +rep pretty nice guy who realized his fault.
    • In-Game Name: KILLUA Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:505241155 Name of the Admin that punished you: DEATH Reason why you got punished: For wall hacking even though I was also using a strafe hack. Length of your punishment: perminant Reason why the punishment should be lifted:  This was a while ago for me, since then I haven't played much csgo and am coming back. I understand what I did was rude impolite and wrong please forgive me for what I have done it wont happen again. My only wish is to get the IP unbanned (someone hacked my account) so I can play again on your servers.
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