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  3. suna


    wow dude youre high?? thats actually so cool dude can you tell me what strain how much u have what you smoked what you smoked out of name every weed name every drug actually
  4. wow saw this on reddit also
  5. I watched this shit while high asf and it’s something DIFFERENT. I’m still high tho so enjoy.
  6. .+rep been working closely with kazma recently, and he's got a really good mindset for events, and getting them done properly. Good luck brother
  7. +rep I think kazma would be a great addition to the event team and I know he already has events in mind, gl man.
  8. I’m expecting more league and csgo 10 man events:) good luck
  9. Depending on the map you only need a good warden. #PostGoonSquadDaysWereLit
  10. Player Name KING KAZMA Steam ID STEAM_0:1:129721703 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/elibluee/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 24 What is your current rank? AWP server admin Why would you be a good fit for Event Team? I think i can come up with fun events for EVERYONE to play, instead of just 5v5 tournaments which are usually held. I've also hosted IRL events in the past also, so i have experience in event planning. I'm also very open to hear other peoples ideas for events they would like to see in the future! Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Are you active on Forums,...
  11. tieK0

    Selfie Topic

    Never actually sent a picture here so, here you are! This was the day my Gohonzon was enshrined, which signifies the beginning of officially practicing Buddhism. I’m the twink on the right. Also, my Instagram is public. Feel free to follow
  12. >makes stupid post >changes name to avoid backlash No one is trying to attack you or anything, USB. We're just saying that your 'contributions' are not helpful and if you'd like to help the community, the best way is to bring up points that are important or something we can actually change. It's dumb and time consuming to take up space on the forums for posts like these. Yes, toxicity in JB is a big deal and there should be some conversation about it, but the way you're going about it is not good. Please realize that I'm on your side in wanting to make the servers a better place,...
  13. +rep cool guy, good player not black

  14. No offense, but is this all you do? Posting superficial/surface level complaints and answers about complex issues on jailbreak? Basically what@tieK0 said, like you don't have to be a good chef to know what good food is and you don't have to queue up to CT to know if a CT is being a shit warden etc. At the end of the day, don't hate the player - hate the game, if you can't handle the toxicity that gets thrown out on you, maybe being a CT isn't for you. "Crying about a problem you’re not willing to fix is a waste of breath." I mean its not their job...
  15. umm ok get vaild video evidence and report him, you posting this just makes you look childish. locking
  16. Ryan

    I am not joking

    if this was supposed to be a player complaint/report follow the correct format
  17. Yesterday
  18. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198879556623/ LUCAS BR #NEYMARFCB this fag is cheating and targets me everytime he is on. You guys might think i am joking but i am not he hits wallbang like nobody. he hits jumpshot always hs on me. Since he has been on this server i have been targeted by this guy. I reported a lot of admin and they think it is joke cuz he literally plays like bot. They dont know he is hacking cuz they never been targeted by this guy. I have died withing 5 sec everyround and admin thinks still i am joking. One time admin supported him saying he lined up in awp_fort. But...
  19. Happy Birthday!

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