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    A Staff member has moved this topic from Player Complaint to Resolved


    gonna lock this since the player was punished with slays.
  5. A Staff member has moved this topic from Ban & Mute Appeal to Approved
  6. Ban appeal accepted, if you are banned again for cheating you will have no chance of appealing.
  7. Boom is not a problematic player on the servers. He made one stupid mistake, realized his mistake, and corrected his mistake by taking the time into making an appeal and apologizing for his mistake. He definitely deserves a reduced ban/unban. +rep
  8. Ngl dark is way better than day because of that motherfuckin' mushroom I love it! Day is so boring imo
  9. +rep he's a dumbass that hopefully won't be dumb again
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. long ass time player made a stupid decision +rep
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Yesterday
  15. booms a long time player and atleast he admitted to cheating. everyone deserves a second chance +rep
  16. I've known boom for like 2-3 years now, this guy has been playing sng for a long ass time, he's very active and he's definitely one of the more better people on this server. I realize he made a really retarded mistake but I think he should get a second chance +rep
  17. A Staff member has moved this topic from Admin Complaint to Resolved
  18. A slay for doing nothing was a bit too much, and honestly looks like a power trip. @Nikeaj I'd like for you not to do stuff like this next time, just shut him up if he's really annoying you with a mute or something. Otherwise ignore it. As for @DeadlyAwper from what I'm seeing in the last few posts on this thread, you've been a problem for quite sometime. Chill out in before you get a punishment thrown your way. also as a side note I want literally everyone not to take any of this guys advice Resolved.
  19. Ive been immature because I realize nothing will happen but thank you for your opinion. Sorry I dont know how to quote one part of your text. Sleeps been toxic every round past of this post as well so I admit that last sentence wasnt needed but I decided to post it anyway.
  20. Last sentence was completely unnecessary. As to this in general, slays really shouldn't be used to mess around. Especially in TTT, the sole use should be to punish players who aren't following the rules. With that being said, I can also understand it being used as a joke, as many times I see admins slay other people mid round in AWP (whether or not I agree or disagree to this being done, as long as the parties are both fine and see it as a joke, that's fine). But in this situation, it was pretty immature of AJ to slay you. Disappointing to see an admin conduct himself this way,...
  21. Yea to you, that doesnt count dude im talking about the real admins who were there
  22. HAHA FORGE, you right, I like how he even liked your post.
  23. This whole situation is pretty funny to be honest.
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