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  2. Sixredfish

    been playing for more than a year. "macros not allowed" LULW
  3. Warden Frostwater

    damn, I didn't think you were THAT bold to do that come on, any form of external assistance is cheating, get with the program
  4. Today
  5. Aries

    thanks ig I gotta turn mine off now jokes
  6. Tubby

    *player that's been around for a while* bro check out my sick hops *gets banned for macro* I didn't know they weren't allowed
  7. redderfry

    i get a better perf than this kid and he uses macros... pog also i like that @Rage
  8. Jako

    hi goodluck everyone
  9. Rage

  10. Yesterday
  11. MERICA

    You are retarded, of course macros are not allowed. Any unfair assistance isnt allowed.
  12. Zarn

    thanks for the info my dude
  13. proobs

  14. Character

    ok? They aren't allowed.
  15. Oceanman

    So..... Macros are not allowed
  16. §NG BOT

    A Staff member has moved this topic from Admin Applications to Denied
  17. proobs

    Denied, re-apply once you've gotten 20 posts and 3 recommendations (one being from an operator+)
  18. Sixredfish

    I believe the 20 post req still apply, so that being said you need 11 more posts and they can't be spam posts. Also you need three admins recs or more on being an op+
  19. Tree Biscuit

    Player Name Xaylander Steam ID STEAM_0:1:100100449 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/Xaylander/edit Age 15 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I've been a part of this server for 3 years, I was absolutely devastated when SNG shut down their servers, I'm not sure exactly what happened but that's besides the point. I'll be active and make sure server players arent breaking any rules, Ill be active on forums answering questions for any new players :) I know a lot of people are probably applying, if I become admin ill try very hard to be as active as possible and will never abuse my power, although i'm young i'm...
  20. Dark :)

  21. I didn't expect Road Redemption (a new game I tried out yesterday) to be that chaotic. Not to mention how much swearing it comes with from the people who made Killing Floor 2 lol.

    I'll be chipping away on my 1st map release. Have a safe Memorial Day peeps.

  22. B0xerZ

    Welcome to the forums. Be sure to check out our AWP server when it's back up!
  23. b e a n

    i dont know what the gun is but i want it lol ty
  24. Lemons

    Welcome Bud. Enjoy your stay
  25. Warden Frostwater

    Oh its you. It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been having a good life, being... alive Welcome to the forums, great to see you (portal 2)
  26. MERICA

    https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=252210731&token=6Rvv8zlq YEE YEE
  27. MERICA

    Welcome to the forums brother
  28. Rage

    welcome, cya on the servers
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