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  2. TEAM NAME: no effort my fault CAPTAIN @bung | STEAM_1:0:171177466 | YES PLAYER 2 @Chiken | STEAM_0:1:60441747 PLAYER 3 @Zurr | STEAM_1:1:107586912 SUB (optional) N/A
  3. add awp_juice by milky, and congratz mate
  4. TEAM NAME: The Coffee Lounge CAPTAIN @Chase88 | STEAM_0:0:102227408 | Yes PLAYER 2 @bolty | STEAM_0:1:173642223 PLAYER 3 @Sethibuns | STEAM_0:1:160721378 SUB (optional) OPEN
  5. Personally I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, as most are low in calories and you can eat a decent amount of them. Specifically strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries go hard.
  6. Just started cutting after bulking for a while and wanted to share some low calorie and high protein foods/meals that I've been having. Also curious as to what you guys eat. Ill update the list as you guys comment. Rice Cake Cereal | get one caramel and one chocolate rice cake, put them both in a plastic bag and crush them up to your liking(I prefer bigger chunks) and then I use this milk from target. Archer Farms/Halotop icecream, 1/3 of the calories of like a ben and jerrys. Only had the chocolate pecan pie from archer farms but that was so much better than I thought it w
  7. So it seems you have been banned twice now, which isn't a great look. If you had been straight up, "I used scripts" rather than trying to make up BS about using them on a custom game I'd be on your side here. I'm neutral here, but I honestly just can't believe that you "forgot" to turn bhop scripts off. Simply just apologize for what you did in the appeal and it is as simple as that. GL with the app, though I suggest that you edit it and be honest with what you did rather than going forward with a sob story my man.
  8. PC - Civ 4 with my Dad watching because I was like 5 DS - Nintendogs Chihuahua edition Don't have the DS anymore but I still play Civ from time to time
  9. A Staff member has moved this topic from Event Information to Tournament Sign Ups (Temporary)
  10. Kinda retarded for decided to cheat right after a mass unban but you definitely realized that and waited to appeal. Side note, really tired of hearing the excuses of 'oh I forgot to turn off my scripts'. Listen, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the underlying situation was. You were on your account and responsible for what happened. And you don't just 'forget' to turn it off, it's pretty obvious to know when you're holding your spacebar and jumping effortlessly. Just apologize and be on your way, for real, hearing this repeatedly is getting old and it's not what's goi
  11. didn't you say that you were going to change like 3 appeals ago..
  12. TEAM NAME: gwa gwa gang @tie | STEAM_0:1:183512926 | YES @✪Bot Shroudツ | STEAM_0:0:86719429 @Random Toaster | STEAM_0:0:78418878 SUB (optional) OPEN
  13. In-Game Name: DKMIP Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:225500653 Name of the Admin that punished you: CONSOLE Reason why you got punished: B-Hop Script Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: Me being the big brain man that I am accidentally left a B-Hop script on because I was playing custom games with some of my friends. It was very foolish of me and I shouldn't have been using it in the first place so I deleted it. Since the mass unban SNG has been getting a lot of pop lately and I am kind of upset that I'm missing out on it. Other th
  14. Super Mario Bros on the gameboy advance, shit was so fire
  15. TEAM GLOVEWORKS CAPTAIN: @Bucket | STEAM_0:1:44267049 | YES PLAYER 2: @Oceanman | STEAM_0:1:223106620 PLAYER 3: @Awaffle | STEAM_0:1:118852933
  16. Before Registering: Read this and all of the information within. Put "YES" beside the rules acknowledgment once all participating players have read the main post. Ensure your team has a minimum of 3 starting players. 1 optional sub player can be included in your sign-up. All players must have a registered forum account & be members of our Discord, with 1 teammate having been a member of SNG already. SUBS WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM THE PRIZE POOL. Their team can decide to include them in their own prizes if they wish, but all subs who sign up with a team will not be given prize
  17. art by @Chase88 Hey everyone. After some quick polling and discussions, the event team and I are happy to announce the next event will be an SNG 3v3 Awp Tournament. When: The tournament is set to take place on March 20, 2021 and March 21, 2021. First match will begin at 1:00pm EST. The date for this tournament can be changed with enough community input, but we would like to begin the matches sometime in March. Teams: Teams that wish to participate in this tournament must sign up at this link by March 19, 2021 (date subject to change).
  18. Halo 3 It wasn't really my first game I ever played, but it was the one game I remember that really got me into playing games. Especially since they had four player split screen online, I would play with my uncles and dad all the time.
  19. My first videogame I ever owned was Minecraft back in 2009. However my first videogame I ever played was probably either Diddy Kong racing on the Nintendo 64 or Mario Kart 64. Also Goldeneye slaps on the Nintendo 64, and if u disagree I want u to stub ur toe =D
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  21. Free Him For his Birthday 

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