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  3. bout to hop just to snag this
  5. Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but behind the scenes we have been hard at work on our Minecraft Network, you can access it by using the following IP: mc.skynetgaming.net While it is not fully complete, we would like to announce that 3 games are currently playable: Factions Skyblock KitPvP In order to closely maintain our servers and ensure that they’re monitored regularly, we welcome @Klitch back as the first official Minecraft Operator! Congratulations, we are looking forward to seeing your work unfold The servers can be discussed on The Forums,
  6. See you guys there! If you need any help message me on discord!
  7. Greetings! Skynet Gaming is partnering up with TurboMotionZ, a CS:GO YouTuber, to host a neat event with a cool prize! There will be a variety of games played which will be used as content for the YouTube channel. Many will enter the arena, but only one will leave alive to claim the prize! Play in a series of deadly games against other contestants to be the last player standing. To get more information on how to enter, please visit his discord. The date of the event is November 6th. The prize is :
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  10. @ Jakothis cunt really beat me with 20 points what a guy
  11. WInners of September - 1st - @ Jako (1,677) $15 2nd - @Jensyl (1,657) $10 3rd - @ tie (1,468) $5 (retaining for future prize money) 4th - @Box (1,451) $3 (retaining for future prize money) 5th - @why (1,438) $2 Winners, please message me on the forums to inquire about your prizes. I can better manage it this way. Thank you <3 These will continue to be run for as long as I can, hop on! If you are finding a hard time with population when you hop on, @ me on discord and we can pop : )
  12. tie

    The big smelly

    This is in the Off-Topic sub forum to be fair
  13. Aries

    The big smelly

    This post is very informative and serious how dare you consider this a shit post.
  14. Legend


    Thats really sad wooper i remember you being a cool dude. With that being said ill step up and take over wooper position, i love dr and would have its best interests at heart. Who remembers binnyhawp lol
  15. Legend


    I used to be a bhop operator for sng lol, god i miss those days. it mustve been years since sng has owned a bhop server. And when I was around it was 20 people in pedros channel every single day, there would always be some sort of interested conversation going on in there. But life happens and we all grew up and lost the time it looks like. Its still always cool to come back and have the memories
  16. Legend

    The big smelly

    Is this what the forums have come to? LOL. I remember back when i played the forums were taken so seriously that this wouldve been considered a shit post and probably got warned. but man times have changed, and im not hating, i say post all the shit you want as long as you love sng.
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    Dearest esteemed resignee wooper, deepest gratitude for the effort put into the community. Much love, hope to see you around <3
  18. Thank you for helping deathrun wooper, it would not have been the same without you.
  19. As the title states, I am resigning from my position of Deathrun operator. Over my time as operator, I believe I've done my best to get the plugins operating that I wanted to see in Deathrun to make it a fun atmosphere for both the runners and the for the death and I can see that with a populated server this was a much needed shakeup to the same old system. However, As I've done everything I've wanted to, and added every idea to the server that I have wanted to include, I see no reason to continue as Operator. I've held the title for many months extra due to both the communities lack of moti
  20. HBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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