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  3. Wasss good glad you like awp hope to see you on there one day
  4. Have seen you on the awp server, dope to put a face to the name : ) Hope to see you around more!
  5. Much respect on this intro, I liked it. Welcome to SNG, feel free to contact our staff if any questions/inquiries arise.
  6. Klitch

    Surver rules

    "Do not impersonate an admin or any player."
  7. welcome to the community my guy
  8. Yesterday
  9. LOL YOU EDITED YOUR POST SO IT SEEMED LIKE YOU WERENT BAMBOOZLEDDDDDDD. <3 it's april fools i love u doe its not like it isnt completely unbelievable because ive had beta keys beforeimage.png.042662a6c1e35bebce775f81256513fd.png

    1. Diam0ndz


      You're retarded. I edited my post to fix grammar. I used "your" when I should have used "you're". Thanks for the useless thought though.

  10. Mythin

    Valorant Beta

    it's a copy pasta
  11. Diam0ndz

    Valorant Beta

    Yeah, you can't use likes as a form of entry. You can use replies to this post though. If you are capping, and I'm sure you are cause its april fools lmk asap so I can remove this post. If you act like this is legit, youll receive forum warnings n shit. Anyways, this is my entry if you're somehow not capping. Thanks.
  12. Winny

    Valorant Beta

    if im breaking rules delete the post some1 who cares. otherwise comment down below how hyped you are for VALORANT!
  13. Winny

    Valorant Beta

    ahh fuck really
  14. uhhh i thought that's not allowed or something like that to do giveaways like that x.x edit: a condition not me entering btw
  15. I wanted to be toxic but you're too nice >:c Welcome to our forums bud first time seeing a introduction video on the forums.
  16. Very unique intro, I dig it. Welcome to the forums/community brother
  17. happy woof woof day!

  18. Welcome! everyone be having these intro threads and my intro to the forums was a ban appeal lol
  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. oh heck yes you got admin

    i knew it all along! super grats

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