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  1. Today
  2. I will beat your cheeks in the tourney
  3. You know what we want but we cant have it.. give us bhop god damn it
  4. Yesterday
  5. i miss the days when someone would just get on jb
  6. Aries

    Tattoo ideas

    I really wanna get the phantom troupe spider on my shoulder from hunter x hunter
  7. I guarantee you wouldn't be any better at that shit homie. Tough it up lol
  8. Noodlesssss

    Tattoo ideas

    Just got my boy hooked up with the styleee. Hmu $20 a minute (dw I got wr for fastest hands you feel me)
  9. 2v2 wingman tournament, Scoutsknives event, osu event, rocket league event and weekly events... idk what youre on about
  10. zp~

    Tattoo ideas

    Yeah, just gimme tattoo ideas. Idk. I'm thinking of getting it on either shoulder, but idk of what, so give me some ideas!
  11. Last week
  12. lost brain cells reading this but this man has a point
  13. You know imma run it on y'all in a 2v2 tourney... Can't wait
  14. No karaoke event, not worth having events at this point.
  15. A Staff member has moved this topic from Ban & Mute Appeal to Approved
  16. Ban appeal accepted, welcome back
  17. miss the days when someone joined and kept earraping saying the nword then got banned good days
  18. I didn’t play scoutzknives too much but i remember this guy and i didn’t think he was cheating he just seemed like a crazy player +rep
    Mfs can do this but miss an entire mag trying to kill someone with an AK
  19. Good afternoon people of SNG! It is my pleasure to give you all some info regarding our upcoming events as well as provide an opportunity for you all to suggest new event ideas or give insight into what you'd like to see sooner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First and foremost, the Event Team and I have decided on a CS:GO Wingman Tournament for our Christmas event in which teams of 2 will compete for monetary prizes in a 8-team (minimum) bracket. All information regarding this event including dates and prizes will be posted this weekend and will also include the sign-up format for teams that wish to participate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Secondly, given significant community...
  20. So when will you finally do the right thing? @ Diam0ndz
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