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  2. Was a good night of map testing! A couple that stood out : Bank (needs fixed lighting for the outdoors bit) Winterfrost - decent sized map with outdoors area and good builidings Lost hospital - just a big neat dynamic map Yakuza - very pretty map, love the aesthetics
  3. A Staff member has moved this topic from Ban & Mute Appeal to Declined
  4. Denied as per @ proobs
  5. Last week
  6. tie


    pop awp now
  7. Hello everyone, There will be a TTT map test this Saturday, July 24th at 9pm est (6pm pst). We will be testing some potential new maps to make sure they're actually fun maps. We will probably play each map about 3-5 rounds (not determined exactly yet) so that I can get feedback on the community's thoughts on each map. Below is a document with the list of the current map pool and the maps that I plan on testing on Saturday. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oQakRSZ3R-SY2yrNAhnp4noMDFkK2sLRtlYQcnORQHw/edit?usp=sharing If you have any maps you want to add to our map test
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  9. Jensyl


    still a thing? yes populated? no
  10. Coke


    yo so i played this server a very long time ago and i was wondering if the awp server is still a thing
  11. 100% agree with that. Also we don't even have any population so there is no reason to add a new round.
  12. @Zurrthoughts? Sounds like they just want a normal round as a vote. While I’m not completely opposed to the idea, I think the movement on the awp server is what keeps ours unique. Having a round that takes that away is kinda lame.
  13. can someone put this in ty ogs
  14. This is an very OG bug from the past. lets not lie to the community !
  15. hes not even black but he said the n word I think if he is very sincerely sorry og his bans should be lifted just like this guy
  16. +rep addressing the ogs. respect 3 months is very long for waiting!
  17. In-Game Name: Oceanman Steam ID: Oceanman#5232 Name of the Admin that punished you: Tie Reason why you got punished: n-word Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: Tie said to wait 3 month and think about I have done, I have waited 3 months and really thought about it. It was something dumb and I didnt think saying that would result. This is my fault OG's. Sorry
  18. I think these numbers are lying. I am try to find these people but they are not on servers! Fix PLEASE
  19. Nice to see a gokz server sadly I don't kz anymore. But might join in sometime who knows.
  20. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a good summer so far, SNG has finally created a GOKZ kz server, it has replaced Kz#2 server and has the same IP address: and can also be found in the community server tab as SNG GOKZ. Big thanks to @ Ballistic Baconand @ Diam0ndz for making this happen. If any problems occur please feel free to dm me on discord or on the forums (@Random Toaster) Happy kreedzing!
  21. When course was a thing
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