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  3. Looks mint Cant wait to carry my t buddies in that map
  4. happy birthday sugar boy đŸ„€

  5. hbd :POGGERSXD:

  6. Looks sick. Would love to play on this map! @Klitch put this master piece into the pool!!!!!!!!!
  7. Map is now released! Enjoy! I'll be on TTT to try it out when possible.
  8. It's finally here. All you haters out there who couldn't learn what patience is or the art of life should have not said a word. Chemical Plant 2 is now completed! ----------------------------- SPECS: MAP NAME: Chemical Plant II CS:GO Map String: ttt_ts_chemical_plant Supports: Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT), Deathmatch (DM) Map Size: 47.8MB Starting Weapon Loadout (if it works): MAC-10 (Uzi), USP-S (9mm) and Knife (the 3 items closest to what you would start with on the campaign mission in Timesplitters of the same name.) MAP PHOTOS: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15jxeHO2hsrPfpNM3LQYwWjdkMf86WghV/view?usp=sharing
  9. Yesterday
  10. +rep man I am sure you will be a great admin. GL :)
  11. A Staff member has moved this topic from Player Complaint to Resolved
  12. Sorry for having this dealt with so late. Both players have received a 30-minute CT ban for favortism. Thanks for the report.
  13. A Staff member has moved this topic from Ban & Mute Appeal to Declined
  14. A Staff member has moved this topic from Player Complaint to Resolved
  15. I don't know what you use to record, but there's normally an option to enable sound. Both players have been permanently CT banned for intentional freekilling. Thanks for the report.
  16. Milky

    Mexican MFK Style

    Name: Reverse, Lecoptia (Permanent ct ban) (EDIT: Im not very used with this recording thing and idk how to enable sound, if any1 knows explain) Steam ID: Evidence: So here is what happened there was 2 friends on ct and 3 on t, cts were killing every1 besides their friends. Also Box came to the jb, but he is not used to the rules, and he banned 1 of them for 30 mins Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-07-10 20-51-17.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-07-10 20-52-58.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-07-10 20-54-17.mp4
  17. have you tried turning off and on again then shooting it with a .50cal and buying a new PC cause your gpu is fucked
  18. Last week
  19. i used to have the auto disconnect awhile back but now i don’t get it anymore but my theory its the users connection to the server.
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