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Okay, I was meaning to make this post earlier but a lot of shit came up, regardless, here it is!

These are the current teams that are secured a spot on the roster:

As stated previously, if one of these teams cannot participate, any remaining teams hoping to play can take their spot.

If you are participating, please have your team leader state what time works best for you on these dates:

1/5/17: Anytime after 6 PM EST

1/6/17: Anytime after 8 PM EST

1/7/17: Anytime after 8 PM EST

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to direct them to me here, via forum pm's, or via steam messages.

Thanks everyone!

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Okay this is the current bracket:


This represents the first day, and each game will be played in order as you see here. (from the top down, starting at 6 PM EST.)

@iu9 @sjp @Mapleweed @Jako @Codified @Official | Wolf @Yato @Dan

If you need something to be changed, I can switch some teams around, but this is the current bracket. If you have any questions, redirect them below.

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