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New Year's Resolution

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Since 2018 is just 1 day away for many of us, what are some of your guys' new year's resolutions?  

I plan to start working out regularly, and then get good enough grades this upcoming semester to transfer to the school I plan to stay at for the rest of my college career.  Other than that, I want to keep my relationship going and stop being as toxic in general (that one probably won't happen.)  

So yeah, do any of you have big plans, or just small goals you want to accomplish?

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16 minutes ago, iu9 said:

I don't make new year resolutions because it never gets done

I only make one and that is to continue pursuing challenging goals in gaming.

The rest I never get done because of reasons I won't go into detail

EDIT: Forgot to add "finish certain map projects before the end of a season block"

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I typically hate New Years Resolutions.

My personal philosophy on a New Year is that its just another day and a numerical change of the year shouldn't define what your goals and aspirations are. If you truly want something bad enough, you should go out and get it without having to set a one-time goal of the year. Don't set yourself up for failure if your resolution falls short in the first two months or so, just go out and do stuff because you wanna do it without having to justify it with a resolution.

So, I don't really have one so to speak but if I had to pick /something/ it would be the same thing I usually do and that is to continue working on myself as a person and to better myself. Those are goals and aspirations I always have, so I wouldn't call it a resolution but its something I guess.

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My resolution is to really just be the best I can be and work on myself as a person and a member of the community. I want interact more with the community and participate in events.

As for my resolution off topic from SNG I want to get serious again with mixed martial arts (MMA) and my other activities such as Baseball & Basketball. As for school I'm getting 92% average in all my classes but I'm wanting to reach higher and get a higher average then currently. 

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