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GCC Overwatch 6v6 Tournament


o/ Hey guys, Slips here.

We've been invited by GCC to participate in a 6v6 Overwatch tournament (CSGO is coming later on). I will be hand-picking the team members who use the provided format at the bottom of this thread. We are allowed 6 members and 2 subs, and the team will be managed by yours truly. Here is the information provided to me by GCC:

  • February 3rd, 5pm EST
  • Each community will have one team that will follow a provided format.
  • Players are asked to be in the discord
  • Each team is allowed only 8 members per team, 6 players and 2 subs.


Registration Requirements: must be a member in the respective community with no active bans.



Streamer: TBD
Casters: TBD


  • No cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give an unfair advantage over other players.
  • No ghosting
  • Do not be disrespectful
  • No sexual harassment of players
  • Do not be racist or use racist terms
  • No mic or text chat spam
  • No advertising other communities events 
  • No name impersonation of anyone.


Date: 2/3/18

Time: 5pm EST

Location: US Servers

Maps: TBD

Tournament Bracket will be added in later.

Registration Format:


Hero Mains:

Off-main Heroes:

Best Role:

SR (Szn 6, 7, 8, highest):

Personal Team Experience:


Example Registration:


Zen, Lucio, Zarya

Winston, Sombra, Rein


2997, 3102, 3001, 3250

2 months on Cloud 9, Champion of GCC OW 6v6 #1, Finalist @ Overwatch World Cup, duo queues with @Hachi


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Another non csgo event for csgo communities what a joke

yeah, you probably can

why do you hand pick??? I want my team with king rika mike nick and maple.

Just now, Hibibi said:

problem is you cant just throw the best players on a team and expect them to play well. 

...which is why i have the team experience as part of the application? if players play comp together put it in that section and move on. i said in shoutbox im looking at that, sr and hero mains.

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Battletag: C7ZR1#1652

Hero Mains: Reaper, Soldier

Off-main Heroes: Lucio, Diva


SR: 1759

Personal Team Experience: barely played Overwatch but have 40hrs and had over 800 hours in TF2 and am told i am pretty good but it gets kinda boring.

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6 minutes ago, Medusa said:

I would play if we could make teams and your teammates could just apply and put in the experience category that you play together. It's not very hard to apply as a team. This is a multi-community event, and we're only allowed to participate with ONE team, so why would multiple separate teams be made, which would completely isolate the players who are gods and solo queue?

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Battletag: Toastyy#11915

Hero Mains: Reaper, Pharah, Winston

Off-main Heroes: D.VA, Mei, Mercy

Best Role: DPS/Tank

SR (Szn 6, 7, 8, highest): Szn 3 2738, Szn 5 2777.

Personal Team Experience: Used to play in a 5 stack with diamond friends a bit but not much other than that.

Note: Obviously its been a bit since i've played. I would practice a bit before getting back into it.

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Battletag: zap#11774 (SR on my other account, GreenTea#11306)

Hero Mains: Ana, Zen, Zarya

Off-main Heroes: Mercy, Orisa, McCree

Best Role: Support

SR (Szn 6, 7, 8, highest): 2955, 3194, 3286

Personal Team Experience: Played on Tangos overwatch team before it was disbanded

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Battletag: ItsCharlieC#2391

Hero Mains: Anyone in Attack category, Mainly Genji Tracer Soldier

Off-main Heroes: Ana, Reinhardt, Orisa

Best role: DPS

SR: 6 2220 (placements fucked me over so didnt play after losing like 3 games) 7: 2497, Current season's highest is 2410, Highest altogether is 2715

Personal team Experience: None that I'm aware of, however I did once queue up against @Pedro Deuces which was pretty lit. Able to practice/sync up with anybody needed if chosen. I also played with a few people in other communities so I know some weaknesses.

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