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I've mentioned this is other vacation posts, but I recommend Wimberly, Texas.

Basically, Wimberly is a small town about an hour out of San Antonio that has a good amount of resorts/hotels there. It is close enough to San Antonio that if there is anything you want to do, its within reach, yet isolated enough that you don't need to worry about being overcrowded by too many cars/people. Wimberly has one of the cutest downtown areas with tons of shops that are just a blast to visit and look at it. There are several unique restaurants there, you don't even wanna get me started. 

It is also close enough to the rivers that you can go tubing/kayaking, which is one of my personal favorite parts. 

The area is fun and nice enough that my family usually takes a trip down there once a year and we've been doing it for about 6 years, so yeah, it's pretty great. 

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DC is a horrible hive of scum and villainy, but the rest of NOVA is great. You have a shitton of museums, restaurants, and other attractions. 

If you're going to be flying in, I'd suggest going into IAD (Dulles) so you can visit the Air and Space Museum that's on the property. IIRC, you can actually get a shuttle from the terminal to the museum, and it's well worth the small fee to do so. It's a massive hanger full of planes, including an SR-71, the Discovery space shuttle, and the Enola Gay (the B-29 that dropped the "Little Boy" bomb on Hiroshima) plus tons of other notable aircraft, prototypes, and components. You can also look directly into the restoration hanger; the last time I went they were restoring a B-25 that crashed in Iceland. All in all, a really cheap and awesome museum to spend a day or three in. Plus it has an IMAX theater attached so you can see some great movies if you like. 

Beyond that, you could go into the city and go to the other Air and Space Museum, or any of the other Smithsonian museums in DC proper. I don't really know what your tastes are, but there are always going to be plenty of theaters, concerts, and other live events in the area if you're interested. Also depending on when you want to make a trip, the Museum of the US Army might be open. It's under construction outside Fort Belvoir, and it's going to be massive. The army has basically been hoarding shit ever since WWI, and they have tons of crazy artifacts not even military related. For example, the army has one of the largest collections of art in the world just sitting in a warehouse at the moment, including a bunch of really cool shit like Hitler's old artwork from when he was in school.

In fact, there are a ton of great museums owned by the military (who woulda thought that spending billions and billions of dollars on our military would lead to a shitton of weird stuff that they can afford to just put in museums?) like the Marine Museum in NOVA, or the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Both those museums are open now, and they're both massive. 


I don't really know what you like to do for fun, but those are just a couple of the attractions that come to mind. 

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