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Which should be the next major change in TTT?

Which should be the next major change in TTT?  

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  1. 1. Which should be the next major change in TTT?

    • Detective Balancing
    • Advanced Voice
    • Ghost Deathmatch

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4 minutes ago, Otorhinolaryngologist said:

ghost deathmatch would be great! sometimes it is so boring when the round takes too long and you are just spectating two people shift walking around the map.

this, and detectives are fine at the moment in my opinion. They're a high priority target and powerful. 

I don't know what advanced voice entails, but if it means people stop talking over each other, I'm all for it. 

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15 minutes ago, Diam0ndz✘ said:

Death match should probably be high on the “To-Do” list. Like Ivan said, it’s very boring just watching people walk around a map doing nothing. 

especially when admins have to constantly say one of two statements:

1) "No camping longer then 45 seconds people"

or 2) "T's make a move"

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A ghost dm would be a good idea but I have no idea how to implement it into the server.  Are we going to have a secondary map players can play on like a small d2 or just a custom arena and have a dead ffa.  I’ve seen 1 retake server have a dead ffa on the opposite side of the map which gets fenced off but that wouldn’t work exactly with ttt.  Also, we have to make sure that it doesn’t lag the players still alive and it is easy for admins to determine who is alive and dead and still keep administering easy and convenient for dead players.


Also, about the detective balancing:

Maybe we could try lowering the # of free dna scanners to 1 or 2 and rework the scanner so you can activate it whenever you want to, either via a detective only menu or an in-game key or console command as a shortcut.  So often when I detective, I use my taser to get an easy KOS off on a t and kill them.  Then I am placed at the dilemma of whether to iD the t body to help inno’s and get ttt credits at school the cost of one of my free dna scans.  This can lead to me not being able to get a kos off later with the dna scanner based on random chance if a particular t killed two different people which would allow you to call kos.


TLDR: Ghost FFA is good, make sure no lag for alive players and ez for admins.  Detectives should have 1-2 dna scans but can use them whenever they specifically choose to rather than on the first bodies.

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On 6/17/2018 at 6:45 AM, Bara said:

Store is a bit more of work and need some time (which structure, api (natives, forwards, functions, ...)). There are so many ways to write it. Maybe @Rachnus has some ideas (complex or more simpler)

What kind of store are you looking into, a permanent one?

I know of someone who has made one if you would like to talk with them

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6 hours ago, Мalala said:

What kind of store are you looking into, a permanent one?


Into a multifunctional store that doesn't require anything. I don't really like to modify a exist store (especially zeph's store). I've a lot of neat ideas (a few could be unique), but for now my focus is on TTT.

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@ChikenI don't change any prices in this kind of releases. I've updated the github pull request for this release. This update will include a few more features, items and more (most are listed in the pull request). THIS COMES WITH THE NEXT(!) BIGGER UPDATE.THIS COMES WITH THE NEXT(!) BIGGER UPDATE.

C4 Beacon Preview:



Defi/Revive preview (instant respawn will be replaced with a menu for the dead player.):


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Little update today, I pushed my latest 19 commits from the the last days. Here's the changes (base: master (current version) compared to the ghostDeathmatch branch), changelog and all other interesting stuff:




All of these changes are not live! It need some more time (days but more like weeks). I can't guarantee a fixed day or interval.

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Small update: Ghost Deathmatch is still in development, most required functions and logics are done and need some tests. 

Here's a outdated list of changes: https://github.com/Bara/TroubleinTerroristTown/pull/351

A few more changes/fixes aren't listed and some coming items will added with the last commits as 3 years "special".


Yes, 3 years of active and free support without any costs for the communities - That is possible in 2018!

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