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Hi , ive been on jb and god was the only ct online, so i joined jb :)  Seems like his afk for over then 5 minutes as T & CT

I think afking for farming credits is not allowed?

Sorry for demo (PlaysTV doesnt wanna be played on my pc :D) 

STEAM ID  ✪ GOD" STEAM_1:0:8800973 

Evidence added



Greetingz KaZiK


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This is literally not worth my time to even want to convert the file.

There literally is only 3 people on JB and I just went on as that is the reason.

Not a valid report to be made here, in my eyes.

There are people who literally do this when the server has 20+ players, but 3? Sorry.

I don't support this report at all. I've known GOD quite enough. There are times I've even left CT AFK because of real life.

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