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Cabbage's Admin app v2

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Applying for Awp Central

1.In game name: Death By Cabbage

2.Steam id: STEAM_1:1:33315725 

3:Name of admin recommending you: @B0xerZ @MERICA @Jako @Jensyl @Santa @DeathShadow @Zurr

4:What age are you (Minimum 16): 23

5:Reason why you think you will be a good admin: I was an admin a long time ago, I still assist in  enforcing server rules while retaining a friendly server environment. I do and will continue to provide helpful tips to new comers about  the server, making their experience more enjoyable and hopefully turning them into regulars. 

6:What server are you most known in: Awp Central

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Hi, congratulations @Cabbage

I'll be assigning @MERICA / @Jensylto be your AWP mentors. Please speak to him in private about meeting up and getting mentored. 

In our Discord server there is an admin chat which is helpful to participate in. If you need your admin role to be assigned contact @Noelle

Tags and server groups can also be assigned by @Noelle on Teamspeak.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of our staff members or the mentor you were assigned to.

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