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Thank you SNG! My resignation.

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Hello SNG, I'm making this post just to let others know about my resignation so other Staff don't get spammed asking about it.  I joined SNG around a year and a half ago after merging LG into SNG

good riddance faggot your the one who permabanned me

thanks for everything   bol out there boss as soon as i saw this i thought wooper got the operator position 

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Didn't expect this at all. Since you got Proxy, you've always been my go-to bigman for any issues that were happening because you actually responded in a timely manner (or at all @Pedro Deuces :ResidentSleeper:). You've always been there to help the servers, and were willing to take criticism. You've been the most open owner who (imo) is the easiest to get in contact with/talk to 'cause you're super lax and don't yell at me((. You're easily the SECOND nicest owner on SNG. Thanks for sticking up for me w/ the PD thing, I won't let those words go down; I'll keep trying til I die or get it. You were a major impact on the servers. I expect a lot @Bara (:<

hf in life rooHappy


p.s. GL if you go into OCS. Don't join the Navy, they suck))). If you end up having kids, try to stay in one place as long as possible pls. Moving every 2 years was painful. Got me fucked up.

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*In the middle of playing zombies*   "I have to go pee, I'll be right back" - August 2018 (doesn't come back at all while we play for legit a few more hours, and of course, he was the host)

Was fun playing with you the few times I did, you were chill as fuck and every time I heard you all I could think was if it was you or King talking cause you really do sound a like.

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It was always great playing TTT with you and great talking to you just picking that amazing brain of yours. Everyone takes there own path in life its we all must do it to further our selfs in life. It’s sucks to see you go but I know you’ll still be there helping out in some soft of way. We’ll always love you and you’ll be missed. Thank you for all of the lives you have impacted in this community some good and some bad (but really who cares about the bad ones). We’ll always remember you an what you have done for this community. Once again thank you 


With much love, 

                                 Lemon (Austin)

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Opened the forums to this, and let me tell you I wasn’t happy. But I can understand where you’re coming from and obviously I won’t have any control over whether you’ll stay or leave. Thank you for giving me the opportunities I’ve had at SNG so far, I don’t plan to stop soon. From helping me with perms when I first got Admin all the way to helping me out with Senior Admin perms, you’ve helped me in so many ways and I hope we can still talk from time to time. Good luck in school and other real life needs. :peepoLove:

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Idk why my text is so big - I’m on mobile so I don’t even have that option /shrug
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