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tyler lol

Add Deathrun back

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+rep I Need Deathrun Please

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+rep was really fun playing with everyone 

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Even though I don't play deathrun and when I did I never really fully understood the enjoyment of the gamemode heres my POV on to bring deathrun back on not.



1. Gives SNG another server to obtain new and old playes that enjoy playing deathrun

2. To my knowledge there aren't really any solid deathrun servers out there right now, and if enough work is put into SNG deathrun I think it may be able to become one of the most populated DR servers.

3. Admins - Now this one is sorta meh but another positive is that ALOT of SNG's server admins, supers etc applied for staff or even stuck around because of deathrun. Without deathrun we wouldn't have alot of the admins we do now.

4. Judging from viewing this thread, and the few times I hopped on DR when it was still a thing. Even if its not much there is a small part of SNG that enjoys and will continue to play deathrun whether it was 3 players or 16 players (point is some people on SNG show extreme dedication to DR for example @ Diam0ndz @wooper  etc)

5. Keeps all the DR players off JB and TTT smh <3

6. I'll edit more if I see any posted on the thread just to get them all in one place.



1. Very possible that if not done correctly the server could just die out immediately upon it coming back

2. Whilst many people like deathrun and will play it, almost the same amount if not more dislike it and wouldn't bother touching it. Since it's a very specific taste of gamemode

3. I'll edit more if I see any posted on the thread just to get them all in one place



Even though I don't play deathrun I think it would be cool to see some changes to the gamemode that make it slightly different and more entertaining for non deathrun players, for example.


1. I saw someone mention possibly merging servers (SK + DR together) which IMO is overall a horrible idea but, if maybe you add a special round in DR where you get scouts and 500 HP and can noscope people whilst doing the course that could be pretty cool

2. Like on JB when there is 6 or more players needed to pick up drugs, On deathrun maybe something similar could happen where there needs to be atleast 6 people and first to complete the course gets 10-50 credits or something along those lines.

3. This one is almost completely dependent on Owners but ima put it here anyway, Top deathrun player (judged by kills or courses completed idk) receives a month of VIP at the end of every few weeks or something (this would possibly encourage people to play deathrun more for the free VIP and in the end helping populate the server)


once again like everything i post sry if its worded badly because i typed it out pretty fast.

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