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Warden Frostwater

[September 2019 Post 1/2] - Photosharing of my Golf Adventure

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This should have been posted on Wednesday but I slacked off due to World of Warcraft: Classic.

Here are some photos of the place I went on Wednesday August 28th. This is GLO Minigolf. The balls actually glow in the dark when you play here.

Price here? $12/person for 27 holes.





Photos may be blurry due to the fact I was holding up a group behind me on the course (lol)

Taken with my Iphone 8+.

Had this be part of the Summer Showdown still, this would have been worth 20 points because I scored 20 holes under par in my 27 hole match.


In the future, all my posts will now be posted on a seasonal basis (every 2-3 months) instead of more frequently to show quality and dedication that I still care on the forums.

I will not be applying for admin still, and I feel this will also inspire me to produce maps with influence.

Late Summer / Early Fall 2019 Posts:

Post 1 (THIS POST): Photoshare: Minigolfing

Post 2 (Next): Influential Challenge System

Post 1 (delayed) - AWP 2FortSniper (not joking) delayed due to real life + hardware issues, which do include forcing me to reinstall my entire Steam directory

Next set of posts will be on November 4th, 2019.

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