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Logic is a blanket term that basically allows players with a better knowledge of the rules and game mode of TTT to deduce whether or not someone is a T from a variety of scenarios that cannot all be included in the rules. If you follow a logical pathway in your decision you will be fine, so if you have a good sense of logic it should make sense and apply well to you. 

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say someone was shooting at you and someone else walks infront of you and he stops shooting. using logic you can kill both because he stopped shooting and probably didn't want to kill his t buddy. 



Logic just depends on the situation; however, you cannot use "logic" when kos off location or sound or weapon.

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From my experience on TTT:

  • Logic is defined as "you were witnessing or engaging in a player's death, hence you are a traitor and are KOS'ed".

Logic can only be judged by:

  • A detective scanning at least two bodies and you are the killer, hence the Detective can call KOS on you
  • A detective scanning another Detectives body - that is automatically KOS regardless of person
  • A detective scanning an innocent body killed with a T item, like env_explosion (C4/Missile, etc.)
  • An innocent witnessing someone killing another player or a detective
  • A traitor calling false KOSes often (it's pretty obvious if you'd call KOSes, especially if a person is proven)
  • A person does not shoot a KOS'ed traitor, and that is labelled as "association"
  • Using a T secret (e.g. Princesscraft Flamethrower), pressing a T Button (e.g. Princesscraft Flood the Tunnels) or entering a T Room (this is not 100% proven, do not assume everyone that goes into a T room is traitor as innocents tend to go in them once opened, example would be Kirbycity B3)
  • Not responding to a livecheck (you can call a livecheck with !livecheck at 2:00 left in a round)


  • Relay information about alive Detectives, Innocents or Traitors to an alive player (this is known as ghosting  and you can be banned for 1-2 weeks - admin discretion)
  • Get to unintended locations through cheating or any form of exploiting (slayable)
  • RDM - kill someone without proof - can result in karma loss + slays next round - admin discretion
  • Mass RDM - kill everyone without a reason - can result in an unappealable 1 week karma auto ban OR if a senior+ sees it, a permanent ban...

While you can say it is RDM, it isn't if any of the following scenarios apply to you above - this is from pure experience myself over GMOD TTT & CS:GO TTT (over 5+ years).

Enjoy the server and please don't spam forums with gibberish, thanks!

Edited by Warden Flamewater
added do not do the following because well... logic must be descriptive

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