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Player Complaint

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So your clip only shows one distinct rdm from which we can't ban. With that being said Deadly did post earlier with circumstances to earlier in the round and I found the associated round logs.

[00:31] -> [Nightmare (STEAM_1:0:44123022) (Innocent) killed DeadlyAWPer (STEAM_1:1:150747227) (Traitor) with awp]

[01:13] -> [Nightmare (STEAM_1:0:44123022) (Innocent) killed brasican2004 (STEAM_1:0:182888182) (Innocent) with awp] - BAD ACTION

Nightmare has been banned.

With that being said, even though you got rdmed, you proceeded to revenge rdm the round immediately following. 

[00:03] -> [brasican2004 (STEAM_1:0:182888182) (Detective) killed Nightmare (STEAM_1:0:44123022) (Innocent) with mp7] - BAD ACTION

Look I get it, the dude rdmed you and there were no admins on. That does not mean you should go and revenge rdm him. 

Let this serve as a warning for yourself @brasican2004

Don't revenge rdm.


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