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It's October...

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I actually fell asleep one night and being me I don't sleep very well so often I wake up mid night from 1-3 AM, and this was like 2 1/2 years ago but I woke up one night and thought I saw someone in my chair. It was staring at my computer screen but I had both my monitors turned off so all it was was a black screen. And it just sat there, staring at it. I got a bit spooked and stayed silent for a bit but then I accidentally moved and made my bed creek when I did so. All I remember afterwards was it looking over at me with pure red eyes and standing up and walking over to my bedside. I think I fell asleep right after because I woke up and it was morning with my chair empty and it was like nothing ever happened.

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Scarriest thing that ever happened to me was when I was scuba diving my bc decided to randomly start inflating and I started to float up and up. I had to end up taking my whole bc off draining the whole thing and then unpluging the line that was going from my tank to my bc. 
***Context for people who might not understand why this is so scary***
1. I'm 95 fucking feet deep in the ocean having a panic attack.
2. If you go up too fast while diving you can rupture ear drums or even burst veins, including in your brain and you can have a stroke and die. 
3. A BCD is the "backpack" that attaches to the tank so you can wear it.
4. Taking your whole tank and gear off underwater isn't the easiest thing to do underwater espically when it's the thing that is still allowing you to breathe.

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