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  • Player Name
  • Steam ID
  • Steam Profile URL
  • Is your forum account linked to Steam?
  • Age
  • What is your current rank?
  • Link to your git account
  • Reason you wish to become a Prospective Developer?
    I want to do Programming for a living and this is a good place to help learn and improve the knowledge i have already.
  • Do you have any prior experience managing CSGO servers
  •  Have you resolved any bug or suggestion trackers?
  •  Are you interested in potentially moving up as a Developer within this community?
  •  Are you willing to follow our guidelines and procedures given for the resources you will be using?
    Yes ofc

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-rep guys I swear this guy is the worst he plays magic the gathering deeming him cringe and that is why I think he’s not worthy

Edited by .Fate
This is a +rep just for the people who can’t tell it’s a joke

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7 hours ago, proobs said:

Can you tell us the languages you are proficient in and maybe link a few things you’ve made?

HTML CSS <------ basic bitch languages

Javascript <----- Little Less Basic Bitch

Learning  robot C, C#, and C++

Also Learning Python, and Ruby

and i dont have anything Ive made thats not pure school work or test websites

I can make stuff if you want later this week


Edited by The Golden Medic

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