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It's That Time of the Year Again (Spotify Wrapped)

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Hello all!

It's time yet again where Spotify wrapped gives you a ton of interesting stats on your music history for the year. I look forward to this a ton every time it comes around so I thought some of you out there might be interested as well. Also, if I remember correctly, a post was made on this last year or the year before and I thought that was a great post so might as well bring it back.

Feel free to share what you want on this post, if anything at all. I'll personally just be sharing some of my favourite stats from the year. Apologies in advanced for the image spam - I really do love music stats. :hahaYES:

Here's the website. Volume warning in advanced.

Wrap your images within [ spoiler ] tags (no spaces) so it isn't cluttered. ;)

The White Stripes was without a doubt gonna be my #1 artist. I'm kinda surprised OK GO made it to #4 but I did listen to them a buttload over summer.



I have 70k minutes this year, but there's probably tons more from local files as well. If only there was a wrapped for local files. :peepoSad:







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Got it to work on my phone, my girl also has my spotify so some of the songs I dont listen to. I'm on mobile so not gonna use spoiler



Edited by Sunless

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6 minutes ago, Thing 1™ said:

What “show tunes” did u listen to?

dont you even DARE shit on showtunes. i will literally end you.

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40 minutes ago, forge said:



music is subjective and everyone has their own taste

but ur trolling


please tell me im getting trolled

Pass me the aux 👿

Don't hate on my swag man

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