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Coldwater complaint

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1) Player's in game name(s) - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chokeytheunactiveuser/ or Admin Impersonater

2) Steam ID(s) of reported player(s) - STEAM_0:0:170706796

3) Reason for report being made - Ban evading/Breaking Rules On JB/Abusing Calladmin ALSO IMPERSONATING SAMY BEFORE! (Check Frostwater Post Below)

4) Evidence against player being reported - Was banned on jb for mfking a few times then on the forums and started being retarded. I don't have evidence BUT I know people remember him. I need people that remember him to comment on this post. 


Edit: He most likely got un banned because the servers rolled back. But his forum account it gone.  

HE IS NOT COOLDUCK @FeelsBαdMαɴ and please don't shitpost on here :)

Edited by Finta

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This was many months ago and this is all I remember from him:


His name history really does check out and I do remember partly but not mostly.

I'm pretty sure he was permanently banned too because he went off on forums, then I remember seeing a white name with red line for him, but the big forum reset caused him to return. I don't have video evidence, but what I do know is if he did return, he's definitely childish and will cause chaos on Jailbreak.

Please confirm, if I'm right.

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1 hour ago, Finta said:

I don't have evidence

Nothing we can do then, all the stuff you’ve provided could just mean it was a randy being a troll. He’s only used calladmin twice recently so I don’t see the abuse part either.  Can’t really go back and check if he was ever banned in the first place either or even for how long since a lot of the stuff from earlier this year was lost.

either come to me with definitive evidence of him breaking rules on the server if you want him punished or make another report w/ it. 


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