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Theme Rework Concept

Forums design?  

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  1. 1. Forums design?

    • Original (table)
    • Fluid (side category checkmarks)
    • Grid

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7 minutes ago, Duckyy said:

If you are to remove the sidebar, where do the birthdays and status updates go. I feel those are kinda important to be on the main page.

Or im blind and they are on here, i just cant find it.


That could be added easy, I would probably rework the style of the status templates to make it more compact and not take up so much space per entry

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Would be cool if the logo had a place, rather than sort of floating, something like how the sourcebans be lookin could be cool along the top


SourceBans Logo

Nuking the sidebar/main navi looks clean but birthdays will be missed man. :{
Chatbox being split  w/ birthdays/status updates up top, then topics being full width agane would be cool IMO - cus I don't think anyone be writing essays in chatbox

Blue background v nice, puke yellow -> out
(I hope blue stays)

Also does it only show primary groups for users on posts now?


Big brane oogist.


p.s. could this emote be yeeted?



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I have a proposal 

-More compact, easy access.
-Slightly Darker theme
-Mild transparency on "Topic" and "Chatbox" boxes

-Addition of Status box.
-Text non transparent
-Top bar removed and replaced with august's navigation drop down concept. 
- Shorted "Topics box"
-Player status on the side, without sidebar. (including birthdays)
- Recent bans in the middle / comms mutes etc..

Edit: Status box optional, imo unnecessary. some ppl like it some dont. Maybe make some kind of vote for it and go by majority??? idk

SNG website.png


Edit: Option 2:  without status 



Edited by Comf
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1 hour ago, Comf said:

I have a proposal 

I like v much but IPS uses a "block" system, when anything on the sidebar is used it auto pushes it to the top meaning chatbox can't be extended fully if that 3rd column is in use.



But here is an idea of what topics split in half could look like (with something going next to it of course)



Hopefully this pic helps understand what I mean better


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