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Warden Frostwater

[Map Dev Thread] - Chemical Plant II - Coming Soon(ish)

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Posted (edited)

This map is not complete yet or released yet.

I am just posting these pictures as status updates don't work well for this. 

Here are some screenshots of my in-development map for TTT Chemical Plant 2.

No release date will be given. I am doing a little bit at a time when I feel inspired.







  • Fix spawns
  • Texture the map fully
  • Finish walls (there are a lot of missing walls still)
  • Add / code secret into map (for a hint, see picture 4)
  • Redo skybox and lighting
  • Add more weapons to map
  • and more...

Would this map work well with other servers? I honestly don't know how the other servers would work, but please let me know. I might make a compatible version if it would work out for other servers (e.g. Deagle, AWP, etc.)

Thanks. Keep on dreaming in 2020! - Warden Frostwater

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January 14th development update:




What was done in this developer update:

  • The secret targets have been placed in the map. There are 5 total - break all 5 to access a secret room on the map!
  • Added a couple roofs and fixed some holes in the walls

Still left to do:

  • Change skybox
  • Better lighting styles
  • Finish texturing areas not textured
  • Finish all open areas (in the original Chemical Plant, only a portion of the map is outdoors, the rest are indoors)
  • Add more weapon drops
  • Carve and model a hallway not yet pictured

I feel by relaying development updates, it inspires me and also tells the community that I'm still working on the map.

I think I'll do the same for Icebark Minigolf Park, AWP/Deagle/TTT Icebark City (new name for Winter Bay), and an unannounced project (may be delayed to 2021 depending on my real life + job I'll be getting this year)

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January 21st Development Update:

This was a slow week in progress, but I'm still putting some time (slowly) on it with all these new releases coming in.

I am really hoping that this will turn out to be one of my best works to date, I really enjoyed this map on the original TimeSplitters, and I feel by remaking it from scratch, with some additions (like the secret room and targets) that it will be played fairly often. It's got lots of corridors for ambushing and hiding too, but it is small enough that camping isn't viable on this map.

Here are this week's images:


1) This might tell you something won't it?


2) Ladders remade to wooden ladders, complete with the correct way of building ladders in CS:GO (the ladder invisible texture, not the func_ladder - func_ladder is outdated and only used in CS:S, GMod, etc.


3) A redesigned room that houses the secret target breakables. The red textures will give hints on where to find each of the targets on the map (when I finish making those textures).


4) The balcony on a previous week now has a glass pane for the outdoor view and extends to the roof of this room now. Glass panes are breakable while the metal isn't.

NOTE: There is NO Developer Update for this map next week. There are 2 major game releases that I will be using my time on, Warcraft 3: Reforged (Tuesday January 28, 2020) and Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 (Wednesday January 29, 2020).

Until then, I'm going to keep chipping away at these updates when I can. The next one will be after Super Bowl Sunday (February 2, 2020) at some point during that week (and if not, the following week). I can't tell you but the next one will lead to the potential map's completion, hopefully.

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may not have a dev update this week

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Posted (edited)

I'm sorry for bumping this post from January 21st, but due to real life problems I faced in February and now entering March, I haven't been able to provide weekly updates.

Map will still be coming at some point, a big release thread will appear sometime in the coming weeks/months.

I already spoke to @Klitch and @redderfry about what's been happening, they both understand.

I cannot provide any more weekly updates until release from this point onward, though.

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