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[Application] » Server Admin » Yoseph925

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    @Extacy @Mythin @B0xerz @Isaac @Plasticono
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    I'm on the server pretty often I would say and sometimes I see that there are people who are cheating or mic spamming in the server but there is no admin on to take care of the problem. I think that thanks to my constant activity on the servers that I would benefit and help lower the amount of people who are breaking the rules of some sort. I think i'm well known on the AWP server and have a good relationship with all of the members who are constantly active and will help make the servers more fun for everyone to play on.
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Edited by Yoseph925

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Mature, welcoming, and hella fun to play and chill with. He's always enforcing rules and maintains a positive attitude while doing so.

Edited by B0xerZ

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+rep Yoseph has been consistently on the AWP server for a long and would make a great fit for admin. He knows the rules and how to enforce them.


And if he messes up I'll advise him to fix it :)

Edited by Mythin

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