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Introducing me!

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Hi I'm Satu but a-lot of people who know me call me Connie.

I've been playing SNG for about 2 months, and I just found out about the SNG Forums so I came here and gave it a try.

I like playing SNG because most of my friends play here since they left TWW. (Tango World Wide)

The games that I like to play on SNG or mostly surf and JB. I mostly rebel than actually follow orders since I get bored most of the time.

I like listening to music, the music I listen to is chill lo-fi music, and my brother actually produces it on soundcloud. (synamane <-- if you're interested)

Thank you, and have a good time! :PogChamp::POGGERSXD:

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7 minutes ago, tieK0 said:

Welcome to the forums!!! I’ll be checking out the lofi : ) thank you, hop on awp sometime! 

ty he'd appreciate the fans. <3 :)

and i will np

Edited by satu

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