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Niggas wildin

What’s wrong with manual warday?

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Whenever I try doing a “manual warday” on maps where warday is broken, I get crap from the admins. I don’t see what’s inherently wrong with it, you open cells and just say “warday in ___” and thats that. On every map there is a way to get into armory or get a gun, so there shouldn’t be that big of a deal. 


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Camping shit like portals is already restricted though, and if it isn’t it should be. If it’s in the rules though I guess I sort of understand. I just think it should be changed.

18 minutes ago, Warden Frostwater said:

I'm pretty sure it is in the rules that it must be called from the menu.

There are just some maps that are totally unfair.

I know that they would consider to not be allowed since that's kind of like CT's camping through a portal to delay rounds...



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30 minutes ago, Extacy said:

The only reason was so there was a cooldown between when days could be called. Right now wardays are extremely broken so no one should use the menu until it gets fixed

Makes sense, ty extacy

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