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After yesterdays #general chat showdown between renowned and well respected member of SNG, @Duckyy and new tango egirl @satu, I decided to do some investigating to see if the cheating accusations were real...


the evidence is damning...I found a video clip of Duckyy BLATANTLY cheating in minecraft and almost full 1 shotting a diamond armor opponent with an impossibly lucky crit... here it is:

As you can see, DuckyonSnap (duckyy) hits a 44, 46 crit! That is 2 off of PERFECT crit chance! Before that, he gets a slew of lucky crits. I have already reported this to the authorities...action must be taken immediately. cheaters must not be allowed to run rampant on this amazing minecraft prg-sng server..


first diamondz now this!

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