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I also only see 2 servers there, that’s gonna need to be updated. 

@ Augustidk if you want to add another forums thingy to your to-do list but I don’t mind trying to integrate this into the forums. 

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Posted (edited)

Interestingly enough, you can actually view all chatlogs online with gameMe. IE if I wanted to view the chatlogs for the AWP server, I can navigate here.

It would be interesting to have it integrated into the forums, but if it seems to be a lot of work since @ Diam0ndz mentioned it'll need to be updated, it might be more worthwhile to just leave it be and use gameMe chatlogs. However, I'm not sure what gameMe includes or the differences between the gameMe logs and the chatlogs that would be integrated to the forums.


EDIT : I just now realized that not all servers are on gameMe, that's a huge thing to consider.


@ Diam0ndz which servers are on there now?

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