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New Maps?

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Don't know if someone made a topic about this but are their gonna be any new maps coming to JB because i've played the majority of JB maps and it's getting kinda boring to play the same maps like papas kingdom and Obama so maybe we can add workshop maps or make some. Thanks for reading or maybe these maps that i've found and like and maybe other people might like.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - RB


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Posted (edited)

new idea, let’s remove some maps

what I’ve found with servers like jb and ttt where maps are overplayed to an excruciating point sometimes is that temporarily removing maps and reintroducing them later (essentially rotating the map pool but on a smaller scale) can sometimes be more effective than seeking out and adding random new maps.

personally I think the underlying issue is the availability of the maps that are overplayed and players acting like sheep when it comes to voting.

btw if you’re looking to make an official suggestion you’d post here

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