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Warden Frostwater

General JB Rule Breaking Report (Worm & Wizz)

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1) Player's in game name(s) - 

✪ Worm


2) Steam ID(s) of reported player(s) - 

✪ Worm - STEAM_1:1:176849193

Wizzkerz2 - STEAM_1:1:125900940

3) Reason for report being made - 

Worm killed someone in my first clip for not liking a joke during a jokeday without the consent of the Warden at the time (Wizz).

Wizzkerz2 left the server after someone revealed that someone was going to report him. He also did a Jokeday to LR (generally not allowed) and also contradicted the rules by forcing someone to do a talent instead of a Jokeday - isn't the rule supposed to be Jokeday OR Talent for those who cannot do a Jokeday?

In the second clip, you can see Worm micspamming to Course. We play the course game and I finish 3rd right? So he says all sorts of contradicting rules as well like "If all 3 people face different person I'll kill the person who faced last" and I didn't understand that, so I died (in the clip) for that reason for LR.

4) Evidence against player being reported - 

Video 1

Video 2

additional witness includes @D_Mo08.

edit: My OBS cut off the chat logs for some reason, I fixed it so it doesn't do that for any future reports.

Edited by Warden Frostwater

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1 minute ago, Wizzkerz said:


This doesn't help your case and shows your immaturity


The first video, Worm was jumping the gun killing way too fast without both of the cts inputs, however I feel they both would say no anyways. But, they were 100% picking favorites and not really listening to the jokes and just killing who they like and don't like. The 2nd video, he struggled explaining the game but I understood what he was going for, so I feel that really shouldn't impact anything.

But, in both reports they were acting like retards and doing dumbshit, so they should receive punishment.

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