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New cool and epic jailbreak map

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Hello teammates, I have something extremely exciting coming soon. I am creating a map to be added to the server that will be very cool and epic indeed. I've spent a whopping 30 hours perfecting my skills in the sdk and am now more than confident in my abilities to create a map better than any other that has been seen by mankind. I currently envision a futuristic, dark, and clean looking map that includes many mini games that can be enjoyed by every jailbreak player indeed. However, if any of you would like to type some suggestions for what you would like to see in the map below, that would be much appreciated. I can't promise a definite timeline at the moment, as working 15 hours a week at my local car wash is equally mentally and physically exhausting. Nevertheless, I intend to put much time and effort into this project to ensure a beautiful and fun map is produced. I appreciate any and all future support, and I hope to hear from you below. 

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Posted (edited)

Sounds good, anyways if you need any help or want to make a jb map together dm me, its very hard job to do a map alone, ive been working on my jb map for about 3 weeks and its still shitty :FeelsBadMan:(btw can i get 6 bad post emoji here? plz <3)

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Since this jb map will be made by a player, I think that people will want to try it out and see for themselves how nice it is. Always love seeing new jb maps! Can't wait to see urs

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