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[Dev Thread] - Icebark City Museum

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Finally it is here.

The Icebark City Museum development thread is here. There are a good amount of changes that this map will have, that Slayer's Museum Classic (my previous map version of the same thing) did not have. Here are development screenshots from my latest builds, I will start finishing these up over time!

AREA 01: The Giant Toilet

Slayer's Museum Classic - A pull chain toilet version that when "pulled" it flushed the toilet, killing anyone in there.


Icebark City Museum - A nod to one of my past times back in my Second Life era, but the switch is not created yet.


AREA 02: The Hall of Fame

Slayer's Museum Classic - This area was completely blank, there was nothing of use in there!


Icebark City Museum - The Hall of Fame Challenge (click the forum link below) will feature up to 20 people's chosen pictures assuming they complete it!


AREA 03: The Basement/Secret Disco

Slayer's Museum Classic - Gaining access to this area was considered easy but there was this trap that caused people to die in the void (I made that intentional in this version by the way lol) Featured Midnight Club II music (4 tracks).


Icebark City Museum - Accessing this area now requires you to complete the targets secret, identical to what Chemical Plant's had. Also features buttons for support of up to 7 songs (memes or real).


AREA 04: Waterfront Park (Parcade Entrance)

Slayer's Museum Classic - Opened through the Dedication Room (not shown in this developer thread post)


Icebark City Museum - This is now opened through the Break the Targets secret, but also helps you get to the Secret Disco / Basement Disco where you can play music in. As you can see, there are now 7 targets instead of 5, but they are a bit tougher to get, including the return of an infamous one (the nade one from Chemical Plant II lol)


Area 05: The Extra Room at Start

Slayer's Museum Classic - Originally this was a combination of teleports that led to a secret room, but once that is solved, it wasn't really much of a secret anymore. The combination of teleports was featured in Version 4 back in the day.


Icebark City Museum - Now will feature the Coloring Pixels RPG Pack artworks (all 20) instead of being a blank room.




  • This map is on track for release Soon(TM). It will be released sometime in late November or early December 2020.
  • There is one area I have not shown off in the Developer Thread but will do it in a later post in this thread. (The Pickcrafter Areas)
  • Those who have played back in Slayer's Gaming Museum V4 and Classic versions, thank you :)

- Warden Flamewater (2020)

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release date change
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First and foremost, sorry for excessive delay on dev post and also for being API scammed (causing you to think that I was hacked). I have already corrected the issue and I can return to spending some time on the map.

This image below is part of the Icebark Museum's RPG Room.

It currently has 3 images imported. I need to import the other 17 still. What do you think?


Also release date was changed in opening post to the new timeframe (between late November [Thanksgiving] to early December [before my leave])

KZ's own Icebark Minigolf Park also was changed to January 2021 for the dev thread, to accommodate these changes.

Remember, if you want me to work on this faster and more efficiently I would like to see people populate TTT more often, this will inspire me to finish this a lot faster!

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