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ios14 btw

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Up until about a week ago I had the same screen for both my lock and home screen on my iPad but I changed it to something new while bored with no internet. Anyways here's my screen for both my iPad and my phone. All artwork is from Houseki no Kuni. Sorry for big post!

This is what was originally both of my screens but now it's just my lock screen. 


home.thumb.png.62d3d98ee065eb065396e822335cc833.png low res phos :POGGERSXD:

aaand here goes my phone screens

lock2.thumb.png.751b0db59dbe0cc4a54e0db28fcbbb36.png                                             home2.thumb.jpg.207811d42cf2ba6079e17fef216fb7b3.jpg

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42 minutes ago, Satellite said:

Trying to experiment with look. Also need to figure out some apple dev tools so I can make the widgets that I’m using for background not have a name.

This is current look using MapleStory skill icons for apps and a MS1 map for wallpaper.


@tie @KING KAZMA cause you two wanted to see

Love those icons!

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