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Ban Appeal: Shroomie

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In-Game Name: Shroomie

Steam ID: Shoomie43

Name of the Admin that punished you: CONSOLE

Reason why you got punished: Hacking

Length of your punishment: Permanent

Reason why the punishment should be lifted

I had hacks but i was not using them i had just switched from a HVH server and as soon as i got on i was banned all my hacker where disabled.



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It was a long time ago i dont remember alot of what happend. i must have forgot to turn the autohop off. but i can assure you i will not do anything against the roles again and i thought i was banned by the CONSOLE
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Denied. You may appeal again in 1 month when you decide to come forth with the full truth, including why you decided to evade rather than just appealing in the first place. 

Wanted to add -- you say it's your favorite server, yet you don't care enough to be upfront and honest about a mistake that many people make and many people rejoin our community after. A month isn't a long time, and I encourage you to remain a part of SNG while you are banned on the servers.

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