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COMMUNITY UPDATE: New Directors Including Other Things

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Hey all, (particularly @Operator@Advisor)

After some discussion with staff and ownership, we have decided to actually change a few things around with how Advisor is done from what we originally planned. Instead of moving into the Advisor role, current Operators will instead be directly promoted to Global Admin since that role more closely resembles their responsibilities as server leads. With that being said, Advisor will still remain a staff rank, making it above the Operator role, since Advisors need to constantly be in contact with Staff in order to effectively communicate with the rest of the community, but we felt as though Advisors don't do what Operators are used to, and promoting someone to a role that they're not particularly equipped to handle seems like a net negative more than anything.

To help understand this more clearly, @ Extacy has created a graphic to display the change: nxOryKz.png

As described above, Super Admins ultimately have a choice at that stage in their admin cycle, whether to remain Super and go for Advisor through staff recommendation (Advisor is still an appointed rank, and cannot be applied for), or to apply for Operator instead. By going through the former route (Advisor -> Global), the admin would be able to enter staff as a role similar to HR (Human Resources), overseeing the general population of the server while maintaining active communication with those above them, while still being able to be promoted to higher roles in the future. If one were to choose the latter route (Operator -> Global), the admin would be able to lead their server as an Operator (council), while having the opportunity to move straight into the Global Admin position in the future.

With this change we hope to see more diversity in staff and a different set of strengths going into the future of SNG. I hope this wasn't too confusing, if so, please let me know and contact me through forums PM's or Steam (located in my signature). 


  • Advisor will still be above Operator and will now be considered a Staff rank
  • Super Admins will essentially have two paths to "choose" from (Advisor still cannot be applied for)
  • Even though Advisor is a rank above Operator, both roles will move to Global Admin following a promotion, following the linear-ish progression displayed in the graphic above.

I soft edited the original post but I felt as though iterating this in a new post will bring more light to the change we made, since it is a bit more nuanced, but a change affecting staff regulation nonetheless. 


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