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Deathrun Timer and Tracker now Implemented!

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Hello! We've finally fixed, adjusted and improved on the map timers. We as well have a place to track times for the maps and for yourself.

Now, whenever you finish a map it'll show in chat. If you happen to have the fastest time it will show all players that you achieved that map's world record time as well as a sound byte to go with.


we also added a command to check times for the map and yourself. If you do /viewtimes it'll give you options for the current map or all maps.


then viewing overall best times or personal best times


and lastly showing the records


This is just the start to making the server have a competitive aspect of it. We do still have plans to coincide with this current timer, such as the point system whenever we start that. We would also like feedback as to whether the timer should be affected by !dice, as if you are lucky enough with your random effect you can just have "the run" so to say. So feedback would be appreciated. More changes coming soon-ish in accordance to my previous upcoming deathrun changes, so look out for those. And as always if there are more aspects you'd like to see implemented feel free to share any ideas!

Thank you all for reading and have fun with this new change. Special thanks to the DR players today who we had to inform we were messing with plugins who were understanding. Thanks to @HellHound and @ Diam0ndz for helping set it all up, and the dev team as a whole for getting the plugin to work this way.

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1 hour ago, Warden Frostwater said:

Amazing, that's definitely a good aspect. But what happens if people want to activate? 

honestly if people activate it's fine, that's part of the normal game mode. This is something for people to try for when the T doesn't activate, instead of mindlessly bhopping. Could limit it to the freerun command but vocal freeruns happen more often and you can't exactly set it up for that easily. 

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