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SNG CS:GO Wingman Tournament

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Tomorrow, we will continue with the tournament and will start at the same exact time that we started today (3PM EST)

The remaining 2 Round 1 matches will be played out and then we will proceed to play the Round 2 games.

If anyone wants to watch the livestream recording, you can do so here

Goodluck to teams participating tomorrow.


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Congrats to team wop @Rehab @SKRPAPI for taking first place in SNG's Wingman Tournament. Big thanks to all those that helped out with this tournament. Major thanks to all commentators who were notified last second and still came out @tie @Loft @Chiken @Bucket @why @wooper @bung @Box. Although not perfect, the tournament finished fairly well with all matches being played out. We hoped you all enjoyed this tournament and look forward to more events planned in the future. We promise not to take too long for the next one . Prizes will be handed out shortly to all winners; please get in touch with an event team member to discuss payments. (big thanks to @KING KAZMA for contributing the majority of the prize pool)


First Place: Team wop - @Rehab @SKRPAPI $70 USD
Second Place: GuhBulls - @Jako @trevor $50 USD
Third Place: Derank Squad - @Box @Sho $30 USD


Semifinal and Final Stream -

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