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Ban Appeal: Amb/Ambition

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In-Game Name: Amb/Ambition

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51721444

Name of the Admin that punished you: iCamp/Pedro Deuces

Reason why you got punished: Poach members to join my Community

Length of your punishment: Permanent

Reason why the punishment should be lifted

Right, Well hello again friends. Its ya boi Ambi! It's been a while. It's been a while that I set foot on this server/community idk years? Might as well try again. First and foremost, I'm sorry for try to "poach" members to join this ambitious community I was planning with Link. My intentions where since I was an og member of Awp West and was one of the first staff members of SNG, I made a lot of friends in game and irl through SNG. And link (who was a staff member at the time.) had ideas on making a community and to get my friends who some are senior staff members and normal members to join my community since I know them personally and I can trust them to admin my server. My intention initially is to ask Camp and Pedro to be "sister" servers. Like the relationship of Tango and SNG, but I kept it as a secret til an server is officially up in our end. Unfortunately, I went out of my way and ask several staff members to join my staff member without leaving SNG staff positions. Which by that time poaching wasn't my intention at all, I just want to have my close friends my staff members and during those conversations along the lines I may have said to leave SNG. Some people told higher ups and banned me, Burst and Link. That's pretty much it, 


Well Ill admit I was salty and filled with hate towards SNG for a while, But time passes I have moved on and tried to appeal. But that drama didn't go away and was banned in forums as well. Its been years at least 4-5 years since that incident happened. And really I just wanna be back in AWP and play with the homies to be honest with ya'll. I just want to go back in that server and chill and just play, No drama no bullshit. Let all of this drop ya know? I fucked up I know that. I was in denial for years that Camp or Pedro was being a bitch for banning me and I realized that I'm in the wrong here, But yeah. I have no intentions to dip my toes in any positions (As if I could with this LOL) I just want to play in AWP server man. But then again, If it doesn't get approved I'm cool with it. I apologize again on Camp and Pedro, Have a nice day friends and stay safe out there!

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On 12/10/2020 at 5:40 PM, tie said:

This you? 

Seems to me like you were aware this was poaching, but I could be wrong. 

Don’t know you at all though, GL on your application. 

Right, As I said in this application, I admit  that I was salty and was in denial that I was poaching and tried to appeal. My intentions was different as  but reality is, It was poaching no matter how you look at it and I believed during that time that like I'm right and  they are pieces of shit fuck the and I'm going to troll them and stir problems, Pretty sure I made one right after Burst got unbanned could be this, might be something else. But I made tons of different appeals if you wanna look that up as well. You will see how in denial I am and shitty my attitude is. And Ill repeat this again, I fucked up and I apologize. I don't want no trouble, I don't want to stir in any drama to anyone, I don't want anything, I just want to go back playing in the server I spend thousands of hours at.

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I know its already approved but I just wanted to say:


I'm glad you appealed and you wanna get involved again in SNG. I was always really bummed about how that situation all played out and it sucks there was a falling out that happened among all of us who were friends at the time. I'm glad that after all these years, that we can learn to forgive and we've grown as people. Glad to see you back in the servers bud, congrats on the appeal. :peepoLove:

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