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[Application] » Server Admin » Awaffle pt. 3 lol

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    Duckyy, why, Thing1
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    Hello sng community, I would like to become admin on sng. On my main server, kz I often find myself helping new players and others who need help on server, but I feel limited with the commands I can use as a normal player. I feel like with the admin role I can go further with helping new kz player because I will have more commands to help player out. As an admin, I feel like I can help players out because they can see I'm admin and they feel more confident asking for help. Also I help pop servers as well. I try to participate in the weekly events, and try to get people on the servers when they're dead. I'm passionate about the sng community and sng and I feel like with the admin role I can go further with helping kz player and other people in the community.

    Diamondz said I could remake. Also for anyone wondering, it was a false ban.


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    Jb, Deagle
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