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Hello everyone,


In order to breathe some life into TTT, I would like to bring up some suggestions to change TTT for the better.  Input and other ideas are greatly appreciated :) 


Special Round Ideas: 

Headshot only Round: Self-explanatory, maybe only giving out guns that 1-hit headshot

Pistol only/Sniper only Round: Self-explanatory, maybe with lower or higher health

Juggernaut Round: Traitors are outlined but have increased amount of HP, similar to heavy armor but with no weapon restriction

Lightning Round: 1:30 round time with some advantage given to traitors such as slightly higher speed, slightly higher health, free armor, etc... 

Nighttime Round: Essentially you have a lowered fov because everything is pitch black except for a flashlight which is maybe 50-60 degrees wide. Potentially traitors would have night vision (full vision) and maybe a downside to counteract this



This would occasionally (no more than half of the time) be in-place of the traditional round.

To determine the traitors for special rounds, potential ideas include a system in which you buy into being traitor on a special round (suggested by @colin) or a voting system to determine whether or not the next round should be a special round and to determine what type of special round should be next, in which people who voted no would automatically not be traitor.


New items: 

Traitor Pinger: Pings where the nearest traitor was 5 seconds ago 

Detective Locator: Shows where detectives are for 5-30 seconds 

Random all-teleporter: Randomly swaps the locations of all innocents and the traitor to use it, doesn't affect other traitors 

Lightning (traitor weapon): Either:

                                               Kills an innocent when you right click with them in your crosshair, lightning blasts from the traitor so that people can see who did it

                                               Traitor right clicks on an area and after 3 seconds, all innocents in the small radius are killed 


Most of these ideas would have to be tweaked so that they are fair and not broken.  Also, some of this might be difficult to implement, so any thoughts regarding that are appreciated.  Also, I want to make being innocent more fun so I'm still thinking of ways to slightly change the game for innocents specifically without completely messing everything up

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