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A Savage Turtle

Ban Appeal: pengu!

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In-Game Name: pengu!

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:194667418

Name of the Admin that punished you: August

Reason why you got punished: Friend using aimbot

Length of your punishment: permanent

Reason why the punishment should be lifted

I have appealed many times. I gave @ Diam0ndz proof that he cheated at the same time that i got banned. But I could not prove that we share an ip because of privacy reasons. But I have been banned for over a year and my friends are just getting csgo so I want to play on this server. Also, for some reason it still says im vip even though I am not.


Thanks, pengu

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From what I'm looking at in Sourcebans, it seems like any of your bans you had were reversed. It's possible that you've been banned again because of your IP and that your friend was banned. Could be a mistake.

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