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[2/26] Question of the Day!

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Okay every time this question has been asked I always go overboard with the answer. The short answer? I'd love to have all of the powers that Magneto has due to its many applications outside of just "oo metal go brr".


The long answer? I hate to be "that guy" but most powers found in media suck when applied to the real world sciences.

Invisibility? Good luck with not being able to see.

Super speed? Enjoy a little bit of self-immolation and whiplash now and then? Cause I don't.

Teleportation? Telefragging yourself on accident sounds like a fun way to either kill yourself on accident or Cronenberg yourself by chance. Admittedly, if it were practical, this would be the one I'd choose EASILY. There's so much cool stuff you'd be able to do and see (and possibly even commit crimes >:) ) if it were good to have, but unfortunately it's not worth the risk IMO.

Flight? Can't breathe and sheer cold if you go high enough.

Stopping time? Sure, if you had completely control over it that'd be cool. But what about if everything you did while time was stopped accelerated instantly once time was resumed, or people could see you and think while time was stopped, or any other "what ifs?" that come about with this. Cool, but not worth it imo.

Immortality/invulnerability? If there was a built in kill-switch and I couldn't feel pain or be damaged, then absolutely I would. Immortality in general just sounds like an easy way to be around until the heat death of the universe and go insane, get sick permanently and just not die, or feel immense pain and just not die. Invulnerability + immortality and a way to kill yourself once the Earth (or you) hit your limits sound great.

Reading minds? Unless there's immense control or a switch it sounds just like an easy way to go insane by information overflow.


Magneto's powers (or really telekinesis in general, but Magneto's powers specifically for me) have so much utility. You can have limited flight and hovering due to being able to manipulate electromagnetic fields, obv. you can manipulate all of the metal objects around you which makes for extremely strong offense and defense, and even at the end of the day if your enemy or the area around you're in doesn't have metal around you *always* have a weapon on hand by just ripping the metals out of their body's blood. There's so many more applications beyond that. It's just straight up extremely versatile and I really don't see how he ever could lose in the comics and shows but that's just not how it works.

Anyways, cheers.

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