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Mb 4 days late to this,

I thiiink I would use the money to get around to fixing the small inconveniences we notice but wouldn't want to put any discretionary income towards fixing? Like needing a new car key, replacing a couple bricks in the house, buying a better toaster that actually toasts the bread and not just make it warm or completely singe it.

Oh! And definitely hilichurl slippers.


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Responses to the Question of the Day thread will live here to be forever immortalized >:D   (2/2 & 2/4 will not be posted here as I made a slight snafu, all is well now)   P

Good song but idk if favorite just putting this since @DKMIP and @coolduck are scared of jazz since they hate black people 

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move into a small apartment or small townhouse. Try to keep the spending of my money to a minimum, splurge a bit at first because the things I would buy are cheap mainly being games and food. Look into starting a retirement plan for later in life and keep a steady flow of income with the main lotto winnings being towards paying only bills and spending very little. I'd rather be set up for multiple years than buy cars or expensive clothing. Also stay away from my family as best as possible, they'd be greedy rats and treat me like a pile of money than a person knowing them.

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