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  • Player Name
  • Steam ID
  • Steam Profile URL
  • Is your forum account linked to Steam?
  • Age
  • What is your current rank?
  • Link to your git account
  • Reason you wish to become a Prospective Developer?
    I am applying for the Prospective Developer position to try and help the community, as currently there is only one developer in SNG. I feel that with the addition of another developer we could potentially get even more work done, and help revive the community faster. I also wish to learn more coding languages and learn how to apply them in a team setting, as I plan on majoring in Computer Science. I feel like SNG is a perfect setting that would allow me to learn how to code with a team. I feel like the ability to work on something that users are actively using is extremely important, and currently, I have no experience working on projects that users are actively using. I also have become essentially a full stack web developer, so expanding my knowledge to more application-based development will help me in the future. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't be willing to also do some Web Development for SNG as well. SNG is the perfect place to allow me to learn more, and with that knowledge help me in the future.
    (Most of my development has been private and has not been uploaded to my Github account, however on request I would be glad to show the code to them.)
  • Do you have any prior experience managing CSGO servers
    Yes, during the early days of my first ban back in 2017 I created my own "community" I have set up countless CSGO servers and have configured plugins on them.
    (I have also set up GMOD servers for another community, configuring plugins for them as well as creating an online admin panel for their "operators" to be able to start/stop/restart see and use console.)
    (Also have created countless Minecraft servers, and have custom coded a decent amount of plugins for those servers.)
  •  Have you resolved any bug or suggestion trackers?
  •  Are you interested in potentially moving up as a Developer within this community?
  •  Are you willing to follow our guidelines and procedures given for the resources you will be using?
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Not sure why this wasn‘t included but he‘s already creating a plugin for DR that has a ton of promise behind it based on what was shown to diamondz and myself and has been given the go ahead for it. Very determined and excited to learn and try new ideas are great traits as well.

easy +rep

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While @Chase88 has had a rocky past, he's more than proven himself that he's here and ready to give to the community. I've sat for hours in TeamSpeak with him while he's been teaching himself Source and he's got real determination. I'd love to see what he can do after learning a thing or two more and joining the Dev team : ) 


Good luck sir :P

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