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Community Update - Updates & Community Revival

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Excited to here this, however like you said I definitely have a few suggestions that I would love for y'all to consider. 

In regards to archiving servers:

I don't know if I like or not like this decision, because personally I feel like while more a hassle, having more servers allows players to find us faster. I mean course had a little bit of a community tbh with @bolty coming back, I saw quite a few players on every now and again. I get Zombie Escape, as it was never released and I also get Deagle. Personally I never was on KZ 2 so I can't really speak for that server. Not to mention course just became playable, I mean Diamondz just fixed the bug where if you died to many times it banned you for an hour. I feel like we should at least keep course and give the server a chance to grow.

A new suggestion:

Population teams. I suggest that operators put together teams of server admins and super admins to all collectively join their server all at once to increase the server population at that time.

This would boost the server to the top of the server browser allowing for new and old players to find our servers and start playing. Maybe every other day or so the population team for that server gets on and starts playing.


Other than that I love this thank y'all for what y'all do, glad to be apart of the revive of the community ;)

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Same here with @Lord Sesirith, I know that I've been a menace on this server for a little bit now, but as an old time member for the past 5 years, it'd be lovely to see this community be revived to what it was around 2-3 years ago. Although I'm not active on the servers anymore, I'd love to be of any assistance on the forums and teamspeak if there is anything to be done on here or there!


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