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Before Registering:

  • Read this and all of the information within. Put "YES" beside the rules acknowledgment once all participating players have read the main post.
  • Ensure your team has a minimum of 3 starting players. 1 optional sub player can be included in your sign-up. All players must have a registered forum account & be members of our Discord, with 1 teammate having been a member of SNG already.
  • SUBS WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM THE PRIZE POOL. Their team can decide to include them in their own prizes if they wish, but all subs who sign up with a team will not be given prizes unless their team decides to share their wealth.
  • Captains should be able to respond to all messages (on behalf of themselves and their teammate) from the team or staff within a timely manner. Please put "YES" in the acknowledgment section next to the Captain's name.
  • Registrations are handled on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.
  • 12 teams will be permitted to sign up for this tournament (subject to change).
  • Your team can look at the maps here. You will veto the list against your matchup the day of your match.


Registration Format: 



PLAYER 2 Forum @ | Steam ID

PLAYER 3 Forum @ | Steam ID

SUB (optional) Forum @ | Steam ID

Any off topic or unrelated posts put here will be removed

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