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Cutting (not my wrists !)

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Just started cutting after bulking for a while and wanted to share some low calorie and high protein foods/meals that I've been having. Also curious as to what you guys eat. Ill update the list as you guys comment.


Rice Cake Cereal | get one caramel and one chocolate rice cake, put them both in a plastic bag and crush them up to your liking(I prefer bigger chunks) and then I use this milk from target.

Archer Farms/Halotop icecream, 1/3 of the calories of like a ben and jerrys. Only had the chocolate pecan pie from archer farms but that was so much better than I thought it was going to be.

Protein Oatmeal, I personally use Kodiak Cakes Chocolate Chip which I get from walmart for like 4.69 or some shit, used to use quakers apple and cinnamon but this has more protein in it and less carbs.

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I eat a bowl of double scoop raisin bran every morning with a cup of coffee, then green tea and some random meat (usually white) and rice/noodles for lunch, then a big amount of vegetables and grain with a little bit of red meat with a very sugary dessert. My diet is very limited to rice, noodles, chicken, sausages, and steaks, then my brother and I bake some random dessert every week. Dont care about calories, just try not to overflow my diet with too much of one thing despite not eating much in the first place lol

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