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SNG 3v3 AWP Tournament Results

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Hey y'all, this is a quick update to the Tournament that just took place and the status as to who the winners are.


At face value, and if you tuned into the stream, it looked as if the team of nat, angel, and sad had won the game. During the match between Mandingos (jako, box, ryan), from round two on snow, something felt off. To be completely transparent, @Jako had messaged me saying he had felt something was off too, and so I began recording and watching angel's gameplay closely. I have recorded the majority of the Finals through NVDIA shadowplay and have subsequently posted them on this post with timestamps. Before this, staff discussed in lengths the videos and we combed through all of it. We're posting the full clips that we used as evidence to put to rest any claims and you are more than welcome to view why we have made our decision. Here are the timestamps, they have all been edited into the description of the video.



OT map




Ultimately, we've decided to disqualify the opposing team, as well as banning angel permanently. Because of this, our winners are the Mandingos! Congrats and thank you to all who participated! Especially @Noodlesssss for organizing the event.

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I messaged tie a bit about this last night but I would like to give a public statement about this as I am the one who entered my team into the tournament. First off, I'd like to apologize about how my teammates handled this in the SNG discord. They shouldn't have done that, it was stupid. Second, I would never knowingly play with someone who is actively cheating to get ahead. I believe that it would completely ruin an event and devalue the work put into it by everyone who worked to organize it & the people who participated in it. Last of all, I spoke with angel and he still says that he was not cheating. Do I believe him? Yes; I've known him for years and he gains nothing by lying to me. Am I going to argue over the decision to rescind the original results and act like a child? No; that ain't me. The tournament was fun to play in, and I hope the other teams still had fun playing too. Plus, I enjoyed commentating.

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