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Hey Friends! It's been a bit, hasn't it? (Event Team *New* Lead)

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Hey all! Sorry this is a bit barebones at the moment, however I wanted to give a little update on behalf of SNG Staff and myself!


@Noodlesssss has stepped down as Event Team Lead and the Red Men have decided I was worthy to take his place!


It still goes without saying that the community servers and their population have been lackluster. There are a lot of factors which contributed, but overall, there's been a lack of involvement from us. As Staff for this community, we've been putting our heads together and working towards future plans and endeavors. Behind the scenes there is work happening, and I'm truthfully confident in the Staff of this community. I don't have anything specific to announce as far as future events, however I've already started planning some neat community things. I'd like to heartfully thank YOU. Yes, you. The one in front of the screen, you smelly nerd. Go shower and take a walk, fr.


 Sweaty Gamer | Know Your Meme


In all seriousness, thanks to the members and others who have stuck with us over the years and continue to do so. Our community stands because of your participation, so thank you   : )


That is all for now! And as a great man once said...


Your Facebook Friends Who Post BS Inspirational Quotes Really Are Dumb,  Says Study – The Unworthy Son


~ Yours truly,

                           tie        ~

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