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  • Player Name
  • Steam ID
  • Steam Profile URL
  • Is your forum account linked to Steam?
  • Age
  • Why would you be a good Operator?
    With the school year finishing I find myself with a lot more free time than before, and so I play KZ much more. Thing1 has blessed my application for operator, and personally recommended me :) - I believe I can maintain the server in a competent manner, and stay timely with map updates. I have decent KZ knowledge, and if I don't know something I have many resources to find out answers.
  • What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable?
    Update maplist with current kzclimb global list
  • What rule changes would you make, if any, to make the server more enjoyable?
    KZT -> GOKZ, Top100 -> Top50, update local ranking plugin if servers are switched to GOKZ
  • Do you understand you the role that KZ Operator plays in SNG?
  • Have you read and met all requirements for this position?
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