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Hello there,

I used to play SNG back in 2017 (made an intro post then as well) and before, on AWP east (East was always better than west if you disagree...sigh), I've gone by cl0ud, flewk, iko, and gr1m. Recently finished up Junior year of college and figured Id see if this place was still around and am pleasantly surprised it does, hopefully the AWP server is populated at times as I have very fond memories (good and rage induced memories) from the AWP server.

Hopefully Ill see you around, especially those I remember from back in the day!

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3 hours ago, tie said:

Yeo any AWP homie is a homie of mine. Welcome to the forums, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to a staff member! 

Thanks man, appreciate it, hopefully will see you on AWP if there's ever people on it 

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