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SNG TTT Public Map Test

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Hello everyone,

There will be a TTT map test this Saturday, July 24th at 9pm est (6pm pst).  We will be testing some potential new maps to make sure they're actually fun maps.  

We will probably play each map about 3-5 rounds (not determined exactly yet) so that I can get feedback on the community's thoughts on each map.

Below is a document with the list of the current map pool and the maps that I plan on testing on Saturday.


If you have any maps you want to add to our map test, feel free to join the TTT discord and suggest them to me.


Thanks, see you then! :) 

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Was a good night of map testing! A couple that stood out


Bank (needs fixed lighting for the outdoors bit)

Winterfrost - decent sized map with outdoors area and good builidings

Lost hospital - just a big neat dynamic map

Yakuza - very pretty map, love the aesthetics

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