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AWP Monthly Prize Pool!

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Hello everyone! It's been a hot second.


Yes, you did read the title of this thread correctly. As done in previous times, AWP will once again have a monthly prize pool. The top 5 players each month will receive prizes as follows:


#1 - $15

#2 - $10

#3 - $5

#4 - $3

#5 - $2


These prizes will be paid out in Amazon digital gift cards. The prizes are subject to change, however we are going to try our best to maintain this pool. If anyone would like to contribute, feel free to contact myself or anyone else on the Event Team!


This also means that now, instead of 3 month reset period for ranking and points, the reset will now occur every month. This may change as we go forward, depending on how the points work out. Please bear with me!


Starting today, points will be reset and the monthly pool will begin this month! At the end of September, players in the top 5 will be logged. In order to receive your prize, make sure you reach out to me by Steam or Forums if you weren't already contacted!

Thank you for your time and happy gaming!


AWP Server IP :


~ tie


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WInners of September - 

1st - @ Jako (1,677) $15

2nd - @Jensyl (1,657) $10

3rd - @ tie (1,468) $5 (retaining for future prize money)

4th - @Box (1,451) $3 (retaining for future prize money)

5th - @why (1,438) $2


Winners, please message me on the forums to inquire about your prizes. I can better manage it this way. Thank you <3


These will continue to be run for as long as I can, hop on! If you are finding a hard time with population when you hop on, @ me on discord and we can pop : ) 



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